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Southeast Asia, Land of job opportunities

  • By Daniele Cosentino
  • on 12 Dec 2018
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Southeast Asia, a rising star, is one of the most growing economic area in the world. This region is not only famous for their exotic tourist attractions but also outstand for their economic growth. Europe and Northern America have been suffering over the past decade, while Southeast Asia is still continuously raising up. Believe it or not, this region's potential market is larger than the European Union or North America, with 600 million population and the strategic location between India and China. The higher economic growth, the wider labor market, don’t you agree? Let me tell you why Southeast Asia is the new land of job opportunities.

ASEAN Economic Community (AEC)


As we know in the end of 2015, the ASEAN Economic Community proposes to consolidate the economic integration of the region. Wait! What does economic integration mean? It means a single market for free flow good, service, investment, capital and skilled labor. That means the ASEAN member states as one big market. Let’s say if ASEAN were one economy, it is seventh largest in the world with a combined gross domestic product of $2.4 trillion in 2013. But if it united to be one single market, it could be fourth largest by 2050 if growth trends continue. With all the advantages of being a single market, Southeast Asia is attracting many international investors to come and explore this region.

Labor market trends

Undeniable, the technical industry is playing a major role in changing the socio-economy of the ASEAN community. Many international industrial companies set up throughout this region. The engineering sector is one of the most highly diversified areas, which included the wide range of industries from construction, automobile, aerospace, energy, electronic to software. However, other sectors are growing up and play more important role as well, for example; biomedical manufacturing, nursing, architecture, medicine, dentistry, and tourism.

Job opportunities

A serious business team ready to take on any challenge on white background

ACE causes economic growth within the region. It will also generate 14 million additional jobs and creating new opportunities for prosperity for hundreds of millions of people. The demand for skilled labors will increase throughout this area, especially for high-skilled workers. However, they predict that skills shortages are likely to worsen, due to inadequate availability and quality of education and training. Luckily, mobility is getting easier each day because we all are a global citizen. As a result of globalization trend, barriers between countries have been relaxed, allowing increased travels and moving around. We can share our knowledge, expertise, and skill with people in another side of the world. That is the way we connect the world together and make it better.

Labor market for foreigner

AEC’s economic integration creates a great chance to find your dream job in this increasing labor market. Both ASEAN citizen and foreigner are welcomed to this region. The study reveals that the three most important employability factors in this region are: the ability to communicate effectively in English, real world training or internship experience, and IT knowledge. The reason why English communication skill is one of the criteria of is that there are many international companies set up in Southeast Asian countries.

Moreover, as a business module in this region is still mainly manufacture-based, with fewer channels to directly communicate with customers, thus requiring fewer needs for Western employees to master the local languages. These given opportunities are beneficial towards Western graduates fresh out of college and look for a brand new experience.

Internship. As a door for future opportunity

enhance your profile

As mentioned above, real world training or working experience is one of the employability criteria. If you are a student looking for an opportunity to enhance your profile, why don’t you take an internship in Southeast Asia? Because of its stable yet growing economy, Southeast Asia is the perfect location to experience a working environment. Students and graduates who are looking for entering the professional workforce of the rapidly developing region like Southeast Asia should seek for a meaningful internship opportunity in this region. As you will learn the way they are doing business and get first-hand knowledge of one of the most exciting economic areas globally. During their internship, they should look to exceed their placement companies’ expectations which enhance their chances of securing a full-time job post after the internship.

What are you waiting for? There are many places waiting for you to discover. Southeast Asia is the region that you don’t want to miss! Step out from your comfort zone and let us help you to find the best internship experience ever. Apply now click here.


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