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10 BEST Apps to Survive in Thailand!

  • By Dennis Scharpf
  • on 06 Jun 2017
  • Categories : Destinations, Life Experiences, Tips Advices
As we know, Thailand is the most popular tourist destination in Southeast Asia, full of clear color beaches, jungles, ruins, and incredibly cheap. Foreigners who go to Thailand want to enjoy every moment in the paradise. However, Thailand can become very chaotic to the outsiders if you don't know what you're doing. Fortunately for you, we have picked the most useful applications which will make your life much easier and save extra money, time and can enjoy a holiday to the fullest potential. Here are the 10 BEST apps that will help you to survive in Thailand.


thailand LINE is a freeware application for instant communication. In addition, users can exchange texts, videos, audios and image and can conduct free calls similar to WhatsApp. However, in Thailand people tends to use LINE rather than WhatsApp because of the ability to use both emojis and stickers as a way to express themselves than typing. For these reasons, you definitely should have LINE Apps on your phone during your holiday, it would be a good way to stay contact with the locals. Users: iOS, Android thailandthailand

2. Eatigo

thailand Eatigo is the no. 1 discounted restaurant reservations platform in Southeast Asia. Offering real-time discounts of up to 50% off the whole food bill every day from a variety different restaurants. One of the benefits of using this app is the fact that there are no upfront costs, credit cards or anything. This makes the Eatigo app very useful and easy to use. All you have to do is just make your reservation in the application, attend it and your discounts will be automatically applied to your food bill. By making a reservation through Eatigo, you won't need to pay full prices for your meals. Users: iOS, Android thailandthailand

3. Major Cineplex

thailand Major Cineplex is the largest and the most famous movie operator in Thailand. The company has at least more than 490 screens all around the country, because of this by having this App with you will definitely make your life easier. Inside this amazing application, you can check the time of the movie or even buy the ticket in via Mastercard or Visa card. For this reason, by using this application you won't miss out your favorite spot in the cinema that you might have been waiting for a specific movie for months! Users: iOS, Android thailandthailand

4. Lazada

thailand Lazada is one of the newest E-Commerce companies in Southeast Asia. It is similar to Amazon in many ways and most of the products that can be found in Amazon are likely to exist in Lazada also. Famous products brands include Apple, Samsung, Rolex can be found in the app. Moreover, most of the categories of products from clothes to baby foods to home appliances are can be found in Lazada. Basically, any brands you can think of that can be found on Amazon website are likely can be found in Lazada also. So why should I have Lazada when I already have Amazon? Well because they are expanding their network in Southeast Asia rapidly and effectively. Because of this, you can find more brands that exist in Asia that you may never be heard of from anywhere else but you might end up liking them. Users: iOS, Android thailandthailand

5. Food Panda

thailand Food Panda is a global online takeaway food ordering marketplace that is rapidly emerging. The service allows you to select from local restaurants and place orders online which is extremely convenient. The company has also partnered with over 40,000 restaurants around the world for all types of food. The website/app is also very handy to use. You can find lots of great restaurants in Food Panda. Some popular restaurants on Food Panda are Scoozi Pizza and Bonchon Chicken. Most interestingly, sometimes I don't really have a specific restaurant in my mind, I just keep swiping through the app until I stumble on a nice restaurant. Users: iOS, Android thailandthailand

6. Uber

thailand Uber is a transportation network company. It's an application that connects you with drivers. It is very simple to use. All you have to do is request a ride from the App, once the App connects you with your driver, the App will provide you the information about your driver, including his name, license plates, car types. It's much more convenient and you don't need to move yourself to wait for an available taxi at midday outside in the hot weather. Who would want to do that right? Users: iOS, Android thailandthailand

7. Grab

thailand Grab is similar to Uber in many ways and it is their main competitor. It also a transportation network company but they also provide a feature that doesn't exist in Uber which is called GrabBike. GrabBike is a feature in the app that allows you to request a motorbike taxi instead of a car. This can be very convenient and useful in the early morning when you are late for something important and do not want to be stuck in traffic for example. In my opinion, you should download both Uber and Grab so you have taxi options. Try it yourself to see which one you like more! Users: iOS, Android thailandthailand

8. Trip Advisor

thailand Trip Advisor is an app that can provide you with reviews of hotels, restaurants, and many different types of attractions. The app allows you to read other people's experience, see photos that users have uploaded and found more information about the business. Trip Advisor shows you the reviews of businesses and you can also review places that you have personally visited. That is why Trip Advisor is a great app for you. For example, you can check the reviews of hotels before you book any hotels. The app could save you a lot of money and any potential disappointments. Users: iOS, Android thailandthailand

9. Meetup

thailand Meetup is another great app that makes event organizers create events for locals who share a common interest and brings people together. It is a great app for those who have hobbies that need other people to join in. Users can definitely gain benefits from this app. For example, if you love to play football, by using Meetup you can find a place where people will meet up and play football together. It is an excellent app for travelers and foreigners who want to make lots of friends! Users: iOS, Android thailandthailand

10. Eventbrite

thailand Eventbrite is an amazing app for people who like to join networking events and also for event creators. The App allows the event organizers to plan and sell tickets to events via social media such as Facebook, Twitter, or other social media. All the event organizers can do many things in the app, including selling tickets, collecting payments, tracking sales and many other things. In addition, there are all kinds of different categories of events for people to join including, Business Events, Sports & Fitness, Science & Drink, etc. Users: iOS, Android thailandthailand

Use These Apps During Your Internship In Thailand!

Mobile apps have become very important tools in our day to day lives. We guarantee that the apps we just talked about will come in handy during your internship in Thailand! Click on the "Learn More" button below for more information about our Thailand internships, or you can Apply Now! Enjoyed the article? Give us a like! APPLY NOW! or LEARN MORE

Enjoyed the article? Give us a like!


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