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Doing Graphic Design
internship with AIP

Asia is a bit of a late player with going online, compared to the West. However, this is actually an opportunity instead of a drawback. There are very few barriers to entering the industry, thus it is highly competitive. As companies scramble to go digital, there is a high demand for graphic designers to keep up with the market’s needs.

Due to the fast-paced nature of technology, recent experience and a portfolio is valuable to employers. A graphic design internship allows you to update what you studied with practical experience. You will also receive experience in customer relations; managing their expectations and dealing with their demands. To top it all off you will also gain international experience working in a foreign environment.

We can offer you graphic design projects at a professional level, that will give you more than freelancing work can offer. The experience and portfolio you will obtain by the end of your internship will boost your employability and make you an attractive candidate in a competitive digital market.

Past AIP Graphic Design interns have been involved and worked on the following projects:

  • Creating and designing brochures for marketing purposes, which highlights the company’s products and services.
  • Designing infographics for business development and financial data departments.
  • Creating company logos, designing company website layouts, and establishing innovative graphic ideas.
  • Updating existing company graphic material.
  • Assisting in brainstorming concepts for marketing projects and strategies.

Note that all AIP interns are given a personal supervisor who will train, monitor and guide you throughout your international internship experience.

Internship tasks will vary from company to company, as well as intern to intern. These are only examples of tasks that were carried out from previous interns.

Graphic design interns at Upmedio

UpMedio is a creative digital media agency, who creates world-class websites and branding identities for clients in Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Germany. UpMedio brings creative expertise to the new era of digital solutions including niche web development, strategic online marketing, branding, and applications.

Our process

  • 1. Apply

    Apply online and our admissions team will get back to you within 24 hours to schedule your interview with an AIP representative.

  • 2. Interview

    During your interview, one of our AIP representatives will ask you questions about your background, past work experiences, internship preferences and goals.

  • 3. Pay Deposit

    If you are officially accepted into AIP, you will be asked to confirm your spot in our program with a deposit fee.

  • 4. Placement

    Our experienced placement team will match you with your ideal host company and arrange an online interview for you with them.

  • 5. Final Payment

    Once your internship has been accepted by yourself and the host company, you will be invoiced for the final payment which will officially confirm your placement.

  • 6. Prepare

    After your payment confirmation, we will assist you in the visa application process, as well as arranging airport pickup and accommodation (if applicable).

AIPx might be a suitable option for you if you are in a hurry. Via AIPx, we will have an interview confirmed for you within 11 working days only (The normal process can take up to 8 weeks).

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Shea Irwin is an American student from California Polytechnic State University and underwent a Graphic Design internship in Korea for 2 months. Hear what Shea had to say about her internship experience and her time abroad in South Korea.

Shea irwin | south korea internship
American, Graphic design internship in South korea

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